Thursday, March 8, 2012

Car Wash?

We are having an unexpected couple of days with warm temperatures and beautiful blue skies!  I was so motivated that I actually washed my car, which was looking pretty ghetto.  I never wash it and always hope my hubby will because I suck at it.  I did it while both kids were at school and had a whole hour to allow for distractions.  I got about halfway done, while talking on my phone, (lol), and the big stick thing broke that I was washing it with.  Rats!!  I couldn't reach the center of the car with my shorty arms...  I figured I'd keep going and do what I could, and was rescued by my neighbor with his long brush.  I even went over it twice, scrubbed the wheels, rinsed it really well, and was pretty impressed with my mad skills.  I went to get my daughter from school and realized I'd missed quite a few spots.  Seriously??  After we had lunch, I went out and just scrubbed the dirty places I'd missed.  I went out again to get my son from the bus and saw more spots.  Oh, em, gee...  I give up!  It was still sooo much better than it had been.  That night, I took my sweet spotty ride to a girls' night dinner party.  When I got up the next morning to take the kids to school, I realized my friend's cat, who always likes to sit on my car for some reason, had walked all over it, over and over and over with muddy feet.  ;) 

I so give up!  I think it actually looks worse now, with muddy spots everywhere.  At least the dirt before was in a nice, thick, even layer...  I should have painted something instead!  Anyone else ever have this problem?  BTW, dinner and wine with the girls was so worth the dirty car!