Sunday, February 12, 2012

Progress to the Boy's Room!

After a long trip to Lowe's, we tackled the curtain rod and started the bunks today.  I went with an industrial looking curtain rod made from galvanized pipe.

We changed out the old ceiling fan, which cast no light at all, for a galvanized pendant.  It does only cast light downward, but it is still brighter and cuter than the fan.  I also have a few more lights in the works to brighten things up.

We hung the platforms for the beds on the wall today.   The decking will have to wait for another day as the kids need to get to bed soon and it is really loud.  

There will be chains anchoring the far corners of the beds to the wall, as well as a ladder for support.  I decided to cut down his old bookcase to a better height and tuck it under the top bunk, so it provides some extra support, too.  I think I will stain the bunks to match the bookcase and desk, but we were anxious to get them up, so it will wait for another day.

I picked up some silver outlet covers to coordinate with the lighting, chains, and curtain rod.  I love the way it is all coming together!

We are all very excited to see this one done!

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Anita said...

I'm excited to see these bunkbeds come together!