Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Little To-Do List

As I walk through my home, every room seems to cry out with project ideas that are in my head but have not yet come to fruition.  I am excited to do them, but must finish others that are currently in the works first.  I would like to make major changes on a minor budget, so I have to decide which projects have the most impact.

Here is a list of what is (hopefully) soon to come.

1.  Finish my son's bedroom update, including hanging bunks on the wall.  (Sneak peek!)

2.  Finish painting the trim in my home white, including the doors.

3.  Paint all of the door hardware black or orb.

4.  Master bath makeover:  rebuild vanity so it is taller and blingier (yes, blingier!  new word!), new pewter colored curtains, bookcase on corbels over toilet, framed mirror
Before shots:

5.  Paint stripes on dining room curtains.

6.  Find the courage to start painting all of the spindles on my staircase.

7.  Wainscoting in downstairs hall and possibly dining room.

8.  Beef up all of my door mouldings to add height and architectural interest.

9.  Repaint new dresser to go under my flatscreen, which needs to be framed and mounted on the wall.  The old black one is just too small for this space.  I would like a little more height and detail. 

I could go on and on, but these are probably my top wishes.  The weather needs to cooperate so I can get more painting done! 

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