Thursday, February 9, 2012

I've jumped on the dropcloth curtain bandwagon!

I know that everyone out there in blogland has been doing fun things with dropcloths, and I really wanted to give them a try.  I originally had blue/tan checked homespun curtains in my living room.  They were perfect for my country decor, but I wanted to brighten up the room and phase out the country look.  The original curtains were hung from pine shelves that also blocked some light and make the room look darker.  Once I removed them and put up high rods, I simply folded the dropcloths over until they puddled slightly on the floor.  The full length curtains make the windows appear taller, and the light fabric color also helps.

I stitched a ruffle for over the french doors to hide the roller shades.  I only use them on hot summer days to help cool the living room.

The last picture is pre-mirror.  Notice the sweet little puppy sleeping off to the right?  She is 13 1/2 now.  LOVE that little girl!!!

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