Wednesday, February 29, 2012

$50 Craigslist Find!

 My tv room has been needing a makeover, specifically this wall.

 It has been bothering me that the tv is almost the same size as the stand, and the whole thing is too small for the wall.  I have filled in the space with a chalkboard and kid stuff, but it never really looked quite right.  I have been on a quest for a long dresser to put under it and have found a few on Craigslist that I liked.  It always seems like I find things when there is no time to drive around to look or when there is no truck available for transporting said items.

Recently, I decided to just go for it, and found a bedroom set with a long dresser, matching nightstand, and 2 large mirrors, one of which was missing the glass.  The whole set was only $50, and the wood was solid, heavy, and in excellent condition.  Woo hoo!!! 

I'd been wanting to do something like this:

I don't have a good "before" shot of the dresser, but it matched the night stand exactly.

 I gave it a cleaning, a light sanding, and some white paint. 

 I gave it a cleaning, a light sanding, and some white paint.  My hubby, aka The Man, framed in the top drawer space to house our tivo unit.

The drawers had plastic fronts and brass hardware.  I used a plastic spray paint primer on the fronts, and black metal spray on the hardware. 

Once the primer had set up, I used my spray gun to add the white topcoat to the drawers.  I can't imagine having to paint all of the intricate little nooks and crannies with a brush.  Ugh!  The sprayer was so slick!  It was a perfect job, and took very little time.

 I still need to add moulding to the front of the opening, replace the back of the dresser, and do a topcoat, but it is getting close! 

I have plans for the mirrors, but I haven't had a chance to do anything with them yet.

I LOVE Craigslist!!!


One Blessed Nest said...

Hey its Sal...I'm stalking you!!! jk I didn't know you had a it!

kcandcoley said...

lol I didn't know about yours, either! I'm stalking you right back... Miss you guys!

Anita said...

That dresser looks amazing!!! LOVE it!