Saturday, September 4, 2010

I STRONGLY Dislike Rude People!

In our house, we try not to say the "h" word, and instead say dislike or strongly dislike.  I very very strongly dislike the people I have dealt with tonight!  =(  I wish I knew how to do an angry face on here!
I have been listing items on facebook and craigslist to sell and to give away for free in an attempt to take back my garage.  Fall weather is coming, and I'd like to have room to park inside.  A girl can dream, right? 
Anyway, I listed this little cutie on craigslist for free.

I made it myself several years ago for fun, and it has been in different places in my home ever since.  It is pine, country, primitive, and not professional, but I always liked it.  I was going to try to sell it, but I really wanted it gone, like NOW... 
The first people who showed up apparently couldn't read.  The ad clearly stated that this cabinet was 7ft tall, over 4ft wide, and 2ft deep.  They were pretty sure it would fit in the back of their Explorer.  Hmm...  I had left it in the driveway while I ran errands after being assured on the phone that they were definitely going to take it.  She later phoned me and apologized about it not fitting.  When I got home, I discovered that they had chipped it all up trying to get it in.  DISLIKE!
The second person to come brought a truck.  A very tiny truck.  With a tiny canopy.  And a mattress in back.  Really???  They proceeded to break the counter and chip several places on the wood and bend the door hinge before driving off giggling, leaving it in the driveway.  My husband and I were in the house, but I had stated in the ad to just take it and not bother anyone in the house.  We did not want to be their lifters.  The kids were sleeping.  STRONGLY DISLIKE!!!
My husband was able to reattach everything, but it's very chippy looking.  I have someone driving an hour tomorrow morning who assures me that she wants that look.  Please please let her have a clue, Lord!  This one has promised a big truck, but has her girlfriend with her for lifting.  I hope they are big girls.  Girl power! 

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