Thursday, September 2, 2010

Family Plaque

I have jumped on the candlestick craft bandwagon!  I love love love the Joy plaques that Whitney from Shanty2Chic did here:

I really wanted to make some, but I need some decor that is not so seasonal.  I thought and thought, and decided to spell out Family on mine.  I searched Michael's high and low to find the round plaques for the base of the candlesticks.  I counted, shopped, painted, and was all ready to start the burlap, when I realized that I was 1 plaque short!  I felt like a total idiot.  My husband kept asking me how many of the 2x6 boards I needed cut, and I kept telling him 5.  He gave me a funny look but never corrected me.  He is a sweet man, but he totally dogged me on that one...  It took me FOREVER to get out and buy the supplies for the last plaque.  Once I did and got it all painted, it went quickly.  I cut the burlap, tacked it on, and stenciled letters that I cut with my Cricut.  I love that little thing!  Anyway, after it was all done, I was happy with it, but not in love.  I kept thinking that Whitney's was cuter with the bells hanging from it, but couldn't decide on a non-seasonal item to add to mine. 

I am still thinking about it, but now that I have looked at Whitney's again, I really feel like mine would be so much better if I distressed them like hers. 

After that, I'm still not sure about an accessory.  Any ideas?  Pretty please? 

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